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JF Farms is a family owned and operated business that has been cultivating savory since 1997.

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Our number one goal is to provide an all sustainable line of fruits and vegetables to farmers markets, wholesalers, private chefs, CSAs and restaurants.

We are dedicated to growing the exotic and the gourmet. While working with chefs and new restaurants we have become familiar with many specialty varieties of vegetables and other ingredients. JF Farms  will bring the exotic to your table so that the common household may also experience a gourmet meal at home. We grow over 10 varieties of radishes, over 15 varieties of carrots, various colored beets, turnips, lettuce, tomatoes and so on.

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JF Farms


11624 Midway Ave
Lucerne Valley, CA, 92356, United States

About us

Jose Luis Jaime Sr. was an immigrant worker who came to the United States looking for the “American Dream”. He worked for Taguchi Farms where he learned his trade well and became the right hand of Mr. Joe Taguchi. Once Taguchi decided to retire Jaime saw the opportunity to make his dream come true. Mr. Jose Luis Jaime became the owner of Taguchi Farms (renaming or giving birth to Jaime Farms) now known as JF Farms, Inc. After doing business as Jaime Farms for 16 years the family changed the business name to JF Farms, Inc in 2014 and welcomed a new direction in sustainable, specialty farming under Jose Luis Jaime Jr..

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